Delivery & Storage
We can deliver your items directly to your home or temporary location and will provide you with a full list of items (including non-restorable items) at the time of delivery.  We also offer multiple deliveries to the location(s) of your choice to help accommodate your needs during the duration of your claim.Vans

If your home is not ready for your items to be returned, we will gladly store the items at our facility for you.  With approval from your insurance company, we offer unlimited, long-term storage for your items – meaning, we will keep whatever you need for as long as you need us to.   During the time your items are in storage, if you find there are any items you need, you are more than welcome to come to our facility to pick up what you need of we will gladly deliver them to you!

Installation – Restoration & Commercial Only!

While in your home, our technicians will take before pictures of your window coverings to ensure they will be re-installed the same way.   We will carefully take down your window coverings and bring them to our shop for cleaning.  Upon arrival, our textile experts will accurately measure the length of the drapes, asses existing damage, such as sun damage, snags, water marks, etc prior to cleaning and make notes for your records.  Once the pre-existing condition of your window coverings has been documented, we will clean them based on the requirements of the fabric and the cleaning specifications listed on the manufacturer’s label.

After they have been cleaned, they will be perfectly pressed or pleated, thoroughly checked by our finishing department and the length will be accurately measured for again before re-installation.  Once packaged your window coverings are now ready to be expertly re-hung, our technicians will use the before photos taken as a guide to ensure they are hung as they were prior to the claim.

Whether is blinds or drapes, our technicians will make sure they are hung to your specifications; take after pictures to complete your file and that they in working order before leaving your home.