Dry Cleaning


Mention ‘Dry cleaning services’ and most people’s first reaction is normally an unfavorable one – ever wonder why? Is it possible there was a past bad experience or maybe a home remedy gone wrong? Wagner’s European Fabricare understands that a lot of potential clients feel this way and believe that one of the biggest reasons is the lack of information available to the general public. To help you get a better understanding of dry cleaning, here are some things you should know:

  • What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning uses a solvent, textiles are dry when put into the machine and dry once it’s cleaned. Sounds simple enough, but there is more to this process than simply putting a textile into a dry cleaning machine. We deal with stains, specialty items, worldwide manufacturers, designers and the constant evolution of new manmade fibres that are being added to the market on a regular basis.

  • How is each garment cleaned?

Blinds & Shades

Most garment retailers are generally not very worried about “how a garment is cleaned”, and some garment care labels give contradicting instructions; therefore, choosing the right drycleaner is of utmost importance! Wagner’s European Fabricare has over 179 years in the textile care industry and understands how to select the best cleaning method for your garments.

  • Are all drycleaners the same?

This is “THE” question! Although, yes most equipment is similar, education is what you as a consumer should be looking for. Wagner’s European Fabricare has the highest education in textile care available.

  • What should you consider BEFORE leaving your garments for cleaning?

What level of maintenance is performed on the equipment?

How clean is the plant?

How clean is the solvent being used?

We at Wagners do our very best to inspect, test, pre-treat stains and ultimately prolong the lifetime of your garments. We use solvents specific to each garment and follow care labels from the manufacturer (we carefully review them before just doing as instructed). Many times manufactures put labels in without actually testing how the fabric/garment will respond to their recommendation. We prefer to assess the garment, and speak to you if there is risk involved in cleaning. Our goal is to provide you with service you can trust! As strange as it sounds, because we clean a client’s wardrobe multiple times over a period of time, we prefer to build a lasting and trusting relationship from the beginning.

Our equipment is up to date and inspected daily, we follow all environmental regulations and do our very best to constantly reduce our carbon footprint. We visit tradeshows, are part of the local industry associations and have trusted partner locations throughout Canada.

Management at Wagners has had the unique opportunity to educate themselves within a European trades’ school, located in Germany for dry-cleaning and laundering. The school has an apprenticeship program as well as a Master degree in textiles, including the manufacturing and engineering for fabrics in Austria. This education is very unique and to the best of our knowledge, we are the only plant in Canada with this level of education!


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