Wagner's Fabricare is environmentally responsibleWagner's Fabricare is environmentally responsibleJust like you, Wagner’s European Fabricare cares about our environment and we are doing everything we can to be environmentally responsible.  At Wagner’s our equipment and cleaning processes not only meet, we exceed all Government rules and regulations in handling our cleaning solvent, perchloroethylene.  By operating a closed loop refrigerated system we keep almost all fumes from escaping into the atmosphere.  New solvent is delivered in a closed loop system and removal of waste is carefully handled by our licensed carrier and recorded by Government Inspectors.  Other cleaning methods do not clean as well as perchloroethylene and have their own environmental pitfalls.  Petroleum, silicon and alternative solvents also need to be handled with extreme care and their waste needs to be discharged properly so it does not cause harm to the environment.

Aside from our cleaning solvents, we go out of our way to ensure anything that can be recycled, is.  We recycle all of our cardboard & paper products, wire hangers and plastics.  We also sell re-usable   garment bags, which not only reduces the use of plastic garment bags they can be used for long term storage of garments without damage.  We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and realize that Environmental Responsibility must start at the top and be passed down to all employees.  We want to ensure that every possible effort is taken to safeguard our communities.

Wagner's Fabricare is environmentally responsible