Elisabeth Wagner

Elisabeth has been immersed in the garment industry since she was a child. Her parents operated a commercial laundry where she’d often help. Then, she married into the Wagner family and entered the drycleaning business. In 1990, Elisabeth earned a Masters Certificate in Dry Cleaning, the highest trade certification in Germany. In 1995, after relocating to Canada, Elisabeth purchased a Tsawwassen drycleaning business.

Wagner’s European Fabricare is built upon Elisabeth’s 35 years of drycleaning experience. Whether it’s minding the details of your order or solving your drycleaning dilemmas, Elisabeth is known for her friendly service and professional advice.





Frank Wagner

Growing up in his family’s drycleaning business, Frank remembers spending evenings and weekends bagging thousands of orders by hand.

Later, Frank completed a three-year drycleaning apprenticeship. And he graduated from an exclusive textiles school in Austria. There, he learned about the chemical composition of fabrics as well as the dyeing, printing and manufacturing process. Before immigrating to Canada in 1997, Frank managed the U.S. Army’s drycleaning and laundry plant in southern Germany.


Today, Frank manages Wagner’s Tilbury outlet and is the current President of the B.C. Fabricare Association.