Our Promises to You

Wagner’s European Fabricare believes in always keeping our promises, it has been the core of our families’ philosophy since it was established in 1841 (in Germany)

To Our Customers

We promise to treat your items as if they were our own and to give you and your family the exceptional service and care they deserve.   We promise to use the most advanced detergent blends and natural odor eliminators that can be found, we also promise to use the most up-to-date technology available to give your possessions the safest, deepest cleaning possible.


To Our Insurance Clients

We promise to treat your insured’s with the utmost respect and care and to do everything in our power to help settle claims in a fair, fast and cost-effective manner by saving more items than any of our competitors.  We promise to clean only those items that are affected and to make sure it’s done in the most cost-effective way.


To Our Contractors

We promise to help you get your client back into their home as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We promise to keep you updated on the progress of the claim each and every step of the way.