Our Restoration Process

Wagner’s European Fabricare didn’t just become the industry leader in catastrophe textile restoration overnight; we earned our reputation through hard work, dedication, quality service, and proven success with our restoration process. Our highly-specialized systems are what have made us the company of choice for families, major restoration contractors and insurance companies in our market. Our expertise in textile restoration has allowed us the ability to handle even the most severe damage. At Wagner’s we believe that every item should receive the attention it deserves, there is no “one size fits all” approach to textile restoration.

Our textile restoration process provides a multitude of options on how to restore textiles. Each item is reviewed – taking into account the type of claim it is, the material it is made of, the condition it is in and of course whenever possible reviewing the care label. We don’t cut corners! As a rule in the industry, items not able to be restored to pre-claim condition (unless sentimental) are free of charge!

Alternative providers don’t even attempt to restore your textile unless they are 100% sure it will be chargeable. We have been in the business for over 179 years and have the right tools and education up our sleeve to spend the time and do our utmost best to restore your textiles with success. Keep in mind the length of time it took for you to acquire you wardrobe and don’t forget to put a price tag on your time. Replacement cost today is not likely to come close to what it would cost to go out and replace your wardrobe. We see on the daily basis the opportunities that can be done, educate ourselves regularly and keep up with the garment and textile industry.

Over the Phone

Our customer service representatives will take the time to explain the entire process to each and every customer. We will gladly answer all questions and offer advice to make sure our customer’s needs and expectations are met.


Precise & Secure

At our in facility, we make sure to carefully list and inspect each item we receive before cleaning. We will reach out to your insurance adjuster and verify that you have adequate insurance coverage, if we discovered that you are “under-insured”, we will work closely with you and help formulate a plan to restore the items that are most important to you. We include manufacturing information, the size & type of fabric and are careful to make note of all pre-existing condition, all textile window coverings are measured and inspected prior to processing.

Our high-tech camera system allows us to track all the items we’ve received; letting us know where they are from the time they enter our facility until the time they leave. Our process gives us full inventory control and helps to ensure that ALL of your items are returned to you.


Inspection & Our Guarantee

Each item is carefully inspected and the decision of restorable or non-restorable will be made depending on if the item has been returned to its pre-claim condition. Our process is so thorough that we confidently offer a RISK FREE GUARANTEE! If an item does not restore, that item is FREE! This means there is NO risk in trying restoration, the average cost of cleaning is 20% of the cost of replacement.

You save 80% by having most items cleaned!

In Home

Our experienced technicians will be scheduled immediately to come to your claim to start the recovery process. We will assess damages and suggest the best plan of action. We will photograph items being removed from your claim and carefully pack out your items for cleaning. We will help you prioritize items, making sure to mark all items you need returned in a rush.

We will pack out your items, carefully labeling them with the room’s location to help keep your items organized. We take photographs each step of the way to keep a visual inventory as well as a physical inventory of your items.


Sorting, Cleaning & Deodorizing

Once your items have been listed, they are sorted according to their individual cleaning specifications (according to their care labels). Items are expertly cleaned and processed using the latest most environmentally friendly cleaning technology available. If you have special cleaning requests or drying preferences, we can accommodate your needs. We also offer expert stain removal and green cleaning options. We have deodorizing facilities at our location, helping to eliminate contamination odors quickly and effectively.


Our technicians will carefully and expertly hang your window coverings as they were prior to the claim. Whether is blinds or drapes, our technicians will make sure they are hung to your specifications and in working order before leaving your home.


Delivery & Storage

We can deliver your items directly to your home or temporary location and will provide you with a full list of items (including non-restorable items) at the time of delivery. We also offer multiple deliveries to the location(s) of your choice to help accommodate your needs during the duration of your claim.

If your home is not ready for your items to be returned, we will gladly store the items at our facility for you. With approval from your insurance company, we offer unlimited, long-term storage for your items – meaning, we will keep whatever you need for as long as you need us to. During the time your items are in storage, if you find there are any items you need, you are more than welcome to come to our facility to pick up what you need of we will gladly deliver them to you!


Value & Pricing

Our pricing includes a blend hypo-allergenic detergents, disinfectants and odor neutralizers that naturally eliminate odor and leave your items looking and feeling renewed. Our pricing is similar to what you would expect to pay at a full-service, quality drycleaner. We carefully assess the actual value of an item before deciding to process it not, if the value of the item is below the cost of cleaning, we will review it with the insured or adjuster prior to processing – this makes sure we keep your costs as low as possible. Wash & fold items that are not ironed (towels, undergarment, socks, etc.) are priced per pound and are carefully packaged to avoid wrinkling.

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