Our high-tech camera system allows us to track all the items we receive from the time they enter our facilities to the time they leave!!Security and value


  • Each item is carefully cataloged digitally, and detail listed on an inventory sheet
  • Detail cameras allow us to capture any pre-existing damage or stains
  • All items can be followed through our facility from start to finish
  • Allows our customers to feel safe, knowing every piece is being handled with care & caution


Value & Pricing

Our pricing includes a blend hypo-allergenic detergents, disinfectants and odor neutralizers that naturally eliminate odor and leave your items looking and feeling renewed.  Our pricing is similar to what you would expect to pay at a full-service, quality drycleaner.  We carefully assess the actual value of an item before deciding to process it not, if the value of the item is below the cost of cleaning, we will review it with the insured or adjuster prior to processing – this makes sure we keep your costs as low as possible.  Wash & fold items that are not ironed (towels, undergarment, socks, etc.) are priced per pound and are carefully packaged to avoid wrinkling.  Price lists are provided by request; however our prices are based on Xactimate standards.