professional seamstress professional tailoringHave you ever found an article of clothing that you simply had to have, and did not purchase it due to the items ill-fit? If you’ve walked away from an extraordinary garment simply due to ill fit, then you need to consider custom alterations.  By allowing our expert Alteration department to customize your clothing, you will wind up with a beautiful garment that fits your body to perfection!  Our seamstresses use the utmost care in ensuring to preserve the original pristine condition of that garment and guarantee it will fit you like a glove!


wedding dress alterationsWe use our clothing as a way of expressing ourselves, nothing says more about your individuality than the fit of your clothing.  We will custom tailor your garments to precisely fit each contour of your body.  Not only will we make you look good, the perfectly tailored clothing will make you feel good, our master tailoring service guarantees clean lines, precise fit and magnificent pieces of clothing that allow you to put your best foot forward, with each and every garment.

We provide the following services:

  • Hems – for pants, skirts, jeans & dresses
  • Patch application
  • Zipper, slider and button replacement
  • Rip & tear mending
  • Shortening & lengthening of sleeves
  • Tapering
  • Repair & alter lined garments
  • Letting out & taking in the waist, thigh and hip areas
  • Evening gown (including wedding gown) alterations
  • Wedding gown bustle