We are trusted by fine linen owners, retailers and manufacturers as British Columbia’s premier cleaning & restoration expert for luxury linens and bedding. Wagner’s European Fabricare, provides expert European laundry for individuals throughout the province.  We have built and maintained our reputation for quality excellence.  Wagner’s European Fabricare provides careful cleaning and restoration of luxury linens and bedding. You know from your experience with fine clothing that textiles “change” slightly in appearance and texture after they are cleaned, even when cleaned properly, we do everything possible to minimize and eliminate issues associated with fabric changes.  Our quality control guidelines exceed all industry standards.

We use the cleaning process we believe is appropriate for the item. While we are experts at cleaning bedding, we cannot guarantee against all shrinkage, color and texture changes. We, of course, do everything possible to minimize these issues. Items without a manufacturer’s care label (items that are homemade or items where the label has been removed) are cleaned at the customer’s risk.  Once again, we do everything possible to minimize any issues and use your satisfaction as our guide – we always go the extra step to ensure you are satisfied with our service. Wagner’s European Fabricare combines our extensive European education along with today’s leading technology in the garment care industry to provide the best results possible each and every time.

Every piece of equipment is the finest in the nation

Our Tilbury park facility features state of the art equipment and machinery.  Our computerized European style washers have forty different wash cycles to guarantee perfect cleanliness and stain removal. When dry cleaning is required, our equipment provides extremely gentle and environmentally safe cleaning with maximum stain removal.


Bedding & Bed Linens

Why trust us with your bedding? Your linens are handled with extraordinary care at the provinces leading European Fabricare specialists.

Now that you have made an important investment in your linens and bedding, they need special care to help prolong their life. You wouldn’t toss a fine suit into your home washer, so why take a chance damaging your fine linens. Trust us to protect your investment and take away some stress from your life! World class European Techniques and our leading edge processes insure that items are treated with special care and European quality from start to finish.


Dust Ruffles / Bed Skirts

It is recommended to clean dust ruffles and bed skirts every 2 to 3 years; this will keep them in pristine condition for many years.

Poly-Filled Comforters & Bedspreads Poly-filled comforters and bedspreads are made of a variety of materials which can shrink and change in appearance when laundered.  Poly-filled comforter seams may loosen in the washing/drying process and colors may fade; therefore we recommend bringing all the matching items for cleaning at the same time, that way the look stays consistent for all the pieces.  You can assume that 3% shrinkage will occur in cotton items.


Antiques & Heirlooms

Antiques and hand-made items are always inspected and assessed before the washing process begins.  The professionals at Wagner’s European Fabricare will let you know if they are not able to restore your items. We have restored many antiques and family heirlooms with great success!



Comforters Down comforters are cleaned using a special, natural process which preserves the life of delicate down.  We ensure your down is dried properly and thoroughly, at low temperatures, to allow maximum loft.  Down comforters that are made with a high-thread count cotton shell will shrink slightly the first time they are laundered, our shrinkage rate is 10-12% lower than Industry Standard.  Your down comforter will be restored to its original loft after washing.

Featherbeds your featherbed is made of an extremely high thread count shell and therefore will tend to shrink when it is washed.  Assume that your featherbed will shrink 2-3 inches width wise and length wise.  The shrinkage will only occur the 1st time it is laundered and would be up to as much as 8 inches if taken to a dry cleaner or washed at a laundromat.  Your featherbed is washed in a large machine.  It is rinsed several times to insure all the cleaning agents are removed.  It is then dried on low heat for as long as 10 hours to maximize loft.
Pillows Attempting to wash your down or feather pillows in a residential washing machine will void almost all factory warranties. The down in your pillows is almost impossible to get completely dry, which is essential in avoiding mildew. Our pillow cleaning process uses a tumble dry cycle on a very low heat for an extended time, avoiding shrinkage and insuring thorough dryness.  You should expect your pillow to be rejuvenated and loft to be restored during the washing process.