Clean your hockey gearYou’re on the way home from the hockey arena, it hits you – the smell of sweaty hockey gear…….

We all know that smell, it’s odor is very distinct, easy to recognize and hard to get rid of!

At Wagner’s European Fabricare we’ve been cleaning hockey gear through insurance claims for years!
We have now decided to make this service easily available to the general public!!

Cleaning your hockey gear on a regular basis will help keep odors at bay, kill infection causing bacteria and prolong the life of your hockey gear.

Regular thorough cleaning is one of the most effective ways to maintain your hockey gear, it quickly and safely kills odor causing agents, bacteria, fungi and allergens!
Ice Hockey Goalie

As an adult it is not only important to keep your hockey equipment cleaned, deodorized and maintained, it is also important to remember to clean your child’s hockey equipment as well. Keep in mind as your child ages they will naturally perspire more and leave their sweat in their equipment and clothing, making it even more important to clean their equipment on a regularly.


Our pricing is highly competitive, with cleaning starting as low as $40.00 plus tax. We’ve got you covered from head to toe with cleaning of all your equipment including the helmet and skates. We offer a quick turn around time and a pick up & delivery service for added convenience!!