professional spot removal and dry cleaning of table linensGrease, coffee, wine or food – at Wagner’s European Fabricare, we specialize in making those stains a thing of the past!  We will restore your table linens to their original condition, leaving them free of unwanted marks and ready for your next gathering!

We’ve come up with a few tabletop tips, to help keep your linens looking like new:

  •  Don’t wait – The sooner you bring your table linens in for us to clean, the better the chances of successful stain removal.
  • Never rub a stain – remember to blot a stain with a clean white cloth, as rubbing can damage the fibers and finish of your linens.
  • Don’t try home remedies – all stains react differently to spot removal agents.  There is no such thing as a stain remover that works on all stains.  Realistically using the wrong kind of approach can actually risk setting the stain.
  • Leave the worrying and work to us – relax and enjoy at your next gathering, bring us your linens and allow us to make them pristine again.