Experts agree you should start shopping for your wedding gown at least six months before your wedding day.  Even though that may seem like a long time, the reality is, it is just enough time to allow you to find the perfect gown for you.  All wedding gowns are specially ordered and custom made just for you.  At the time of your purchase make sure you understand the specific care instructions on the label and be sure to ask the salesperson for more detailed information.  As most dresses are made from taffeta, satin, organza, chiffon, brocade and lace and the trim that accompany them are made of sequins, lace, appliqué, embroidery and seed pearls – the dress and the trim require different methods of cleaning and often the trim is not dry cleanable.  It is important to know that higher quality gowns have trim that is sewn on, while others are only attached with adhesive.  This adhesive can deteriorate in the dry cleaning process, along with glitter, beads and pearls, causing the trim to alter in some way or completely detach from the gown itself.  Colouring can also change or yellow when the finish fades or oxidizes, please keep in mind that these color changes are not caused by the cleaning process itself, but are attributed to poor colourfastness of the dyes.  Keeping these points in mind it is best to make sure the gown you buy is 100% dry cleanable.


A wedding gown is a cherished keepsake meant to be treasured for a lifetime!  Along with your photographs and memories, your wedding dress is one of your most precious items from your big day.  Treat your gown with the respect it deserves and have it professionally cleaned and preserved by our specialists at Wagner’s European Fabricare.  With over 150 years in the dry cleaning business we know how to give your gown the special attention it deserves
We specialize in the most advanced cleaning processes in the industry and have the technical know-how when it comes to the care of fine fabric.  Our professional cleaners hand clean each wedding gown, taking extreme care to rid your gown of all visible and invisible stains in a gentle and non-damaging manner.  Our extra caution helps to preserve the delicate quality of the gowns fibers. We ensure that even the most delicate and ornate of trim is thoroughly cleaned and protected.  We apply techniques that are highly specialized for extravagant beadwork, pearls, jewels or sequins. During the cleaning process we also repair hanging hems, tears, missing or loose buttons or beads, or other damage.


Our wedding gown preservation specialists devote the much needed special attention to your bridal gown, ensuring that the fabrics and trim are handled with the most thorough care.  Once your gown is treated, it is gently folded and placed in tissue paper to prevent wrinkles and scuffs from occurring to your gown.  Your gown is then placed in a breathable, strong, high quality boxed specifically designed for gown preservation.  You can help to preserve the beauty of your gown by selecting a professional cleaner and by advising of any stains you are aware of, as well as carefully inspect the dress with your cleaner to ensure your gown will be restored to its pristine condition.


Although there is no guarantee that your gown will not yellow or deteriorate over the years, regardless of how it is stored, there are some things you can do to help minimize the damage.  Make sure you store your gown in a box specially designed for wedding gowns.  Avoid keeping it in an area (like your attic or basement) that is damp, too cold or too warm; instead keep your gown in a cool, dry place.  Fill the bodice of the gown with white tissue paper to help maintain the shape of the dress and prevent wrinkling.  Remove pins, any sponge padding, perspiration shields and fabric-covered buttons and cover with a white sheet for added protection.  Be sure to hand long, heavy gowns by the straps sewn into the dress’s waistiline to avoid warping.  It is also a very good idea to store all other accessories, like shoes, headpieces, etc separately.  Keep in mind that you will also need to check on the gown periodically to ensure your choice of storage method is appropriate and if you notice any stains or discoloration – have them treated immediately.


Age can take its toll on any garment, a wedding gown is no exception, time can cause the fabric to discolour and weaken. The delicate fabrics used to make most wedding gowns are prone to corrosion over time.  We at Wagner’s European Fabricare have years of knowledge on how to repair and restore your gown to its former beautiful condition.  Let us help you restore the sentimental value of your gown.