Textile restoration expertise shared nationwide
An Article From “Insurance People Magazine” – March 2017 Edition

For Frank Wagner, president and owner of Wagner’s European Fabricare, restoring textile items may be woven into his DNA. His family, originally from Germany, has been in the fabricare business for 176 years. To follow in their footsteps, he completed a three-year dry-cleaning apprenticeship in Germany, and also graduated from an exclusive textile school in Dornbirn, Austria, where he learned about the chemical composition of fabrics as well as the dyeing, printing and manufacturing processes.

That knowledge and history has provided the foundation for Wagner’s European Fabricare, which has been serving B.C. from its lower mainland office in Delta for more than 20 years. Wagner’s has also been sharing that expertise nationwide for the past five years as one of the original members of Total Textile Solutions, a Canadian network of textile restoration professionals.

Total Textile Solutions members use proven, hands-on methods of cleaning textiles and offer a service they believe is a step above their competitors in the textile restoration industry, providing real results for the insurance industry.

“It’s very labour intensive, and sometimes knowing how garments are manufactured can be key to figuring out what can be done to successfully restore ‘soft content,’” Wagner says. “Most restorers don’t have specific knowledge of traditional textile cleaning. Excessive use of chemicals and processes not approved by the textile and fashion industry leads to an even higher rate of not restorable content.”

On average, Wagner’s restores 98 per cent of the textiles it handles. However, most competitors don’t even try to restore content they may not be able to fully restore, because the industry is not able to bill for not restorable items since those items will need to be paid as replacement.

“They take a guess and just list questionable items as ‘not restorable’ and move on to the next job,” Wagner says. “Policyholders can be very much attached to their items, and the money to replace them doesn’t reflect the real, sentimental value to the insured.”

Wagner’s does its best to restore items while also staying fair and cost conscious. If the value of an item is below the cost of restoration, they’re won’t try to restore it unless there is noted sentimental value.

The firm also keeps costs down by using Total Textile Solution’s proprietary software, specifically designed for textile restoration, to ensure a project is handled efficiently.

“Most restoration companies can track furniture or solid objects by placing stickers on the items and may use retail dry-cleaning software not designed for claims of the size and detail we are dealing with,” Wagner says. “But stickers can’t be used for textiles, and that’s where our software comes into play.”

Barcodes are put on every item so they know at any time where any item is in the process, tracking from the insured’s home at the start of the claim and back once again once the job is complete. Wagner’s documents claim-related as well as not claim-related conditions of items before restoration starts to help determine at final inspection whether the item is restored.

Wagner says the company is also very much aware of its environmental footprint. “We recycle and we handle the solvents on the dry-cleaning side as environmentally-conscious as possible. Maintenance of the equipment is our priority, including reusing and recycling what we can. This includes reusing water multiple times, and we focus on what has the least effect on the environment.”

In addition to Wagner’s location in B.C., Total Textile Solution has locations serving Calgary, Winnipeg, Windsor, Peterborough, Guelph, Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal. All provide the same exceptional standards, quality and customer service.


Our Difference IS What Sets Us Apart


Wagner’s European Fabricare is different from the other textile cleaning companies in our market because our fundamental beliefs that our business is more than a business!  We give families the opportunity to recover from their personal catastrophe.  We believe in helping families get back to their sense of normal as soon as possible, we also believe in providing industry leading quality and customer service.  It is these beliefs that guide the decisions we make all day, every day.  We are constantly updating our technology and ensuring our employees receive ongoing training to ensure that we are able to provide families with better, faster and more customized service.


Wagner’s European Fabricare is recognized as the leader in the textile restoration business because we know that textile restoration is an art form; we pursuit every avenue in restoration cleaning technology available which allows us to clean and successfully restore items other companies are simply not willing to attempt.


We never treat a families possessions any differently than we would treat our own.  We have developed a software program and       bar-coding inventory control system that tracks every item through each and every step of the restoration process, leaving nothing to chance.  We thoroughly inspect every item before and after the cleaning process to ensure they receive the attention they deserve, which is why…..We Clean What Others Can’t!


We take the time to get to know our customers and their textiles, making sure that our approach to each family is specific for their individual needs.  Our attention to detail and our commitment to doing things the right way is what allows us to remain an industry leader.  By choosing Wagner’s European Fabricare for your claims, you earn even more respect from your clients because they can feel confident knowing you have chosen the industry leader in textile restoration.